Antiviral Gloves

We Need Gloves That …

  • Deactivate viruses on contact
  • Use HeiQ Viroblock textile technology proven to deactivate viruses
  • Are comfortable and practical

  • India’s First
    Antiviral Glove!

  • Trusted Swiss Technology of HeiQ; Tested Under ISO-18184 Test Standard.

  • Using One Of The World’s First Textile Technologies Proven > 99% Effective Against Novel Coronavirus!

  • HeiQ Viroblock Textile Technology Demonstrates Significant Reduction In Viral Activity*

* Treated fabric tested under a modified ISO 20743 method (Sendai) on samples submitted by our technology partner – HeiQ. This textile technology belongs to HeiQ.

  • Deactivates SARS-CoV-2

    HeiQ Viroblock technology demonstrates strong antiviral effect of > 99% on viruses*.
  • Antiviral

    A glove that deactivates viruses on contact.
  • Safe Swiss Technology

    Safe to skin and verified technology of HeiQ, Switzerland.
  • Fashionable

    Doubles up as an aesthetically pleasing wrist band.
  • * Tested in independent labs under ISO 18184 test standard on treated fabric submitted by HeiQ, Switzerland.
  • A glove is only a preventive measure against infection, not a guarantee. It is still important to maintain regular hygiene through hand washing, regular sanitisation and handling the glove with care.



Hand Washes
antiviral &
antibacterial effect

How To Use

Wear it like a wristband all day, keeping the brand side facing up.
Pull it ahead when needed, touching only the logo band since that area is likely to never be exposed to any contaminated surfaces.
Pull it back and wear again like a wrist band.

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